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Unlimited on-demand pilates classes for less than $2 a day*, with 5 new classes added weekly. *Prices in USD.

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Welcome to my virtual Pilates studio. Everyone is welcome here.  Get access to five new Pilates classes every week, as well as exclusive access to a host of other juicy videos. You ready? Let’s move.

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"Chloe's workouts are more challenging, rewarding, and most excitingly they’ve been the kick in the glute my workouts have been craving for some years now."

Gemma Bath, Mamamia, Sydney

"Chloe makes you feel like you can do anything and her encouragement makes you want to do everything!"

Kim Schifino, Matt and Kim, New York

"Chloe's playful, joyful spirit will change your relationship with exercise and make you remember that movement is freeing and fun. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Emily Kenyon, Lawyer, New York

Experience Go Chlo Pilates

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